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Over the past few years, I have spent time learning more and more about tiny houses. I have watched documentaries, tv shows, tiny house YouTube videos and visited countless websites. Along the way, I have discovered some really cool people and a ton of great information. I will be posting my favorites in all those categories. For now, I’m starting this series off with my top ten tiny house YouTube channels. As a heads-up, I don’t care so much for the videos that just show photos of tiny houses while using the Ken Burns effect set to music. So there won’t be many of those types of channels in this article. 

My lunchtime ritual at work for the past few years has been to watch YouTube videos about tiny houses while eating my lunch. My favorite for a long time was Life Inside A Box. On his channel, Derek Howlett documented his tiny house build from beginning to end. He has videos on every aspect of his build. It’s a wealth of information and also a tribute to the fact that you can learn pretty much anything from YouTube these days (which he did). I found myself looking forward to this time every day. I understand the draw of these daily/weekly vlogs. The viewer really becomes invested in the story and the journey. I did. And so many of these vloggers are very talented and fun to follow. 

Sometime after Derek finished his build he changed the name and focus of his channel to DIY Homestead Projects and more recently to Handeeman. He and his wife Hannah purchased 40 acres of land near Benson, Arizona, where they have moved their tiny house. They are living off-grid, harvesting rainwater, planting trees for fruit and plants for food. They have been living in their tiny house for almost two years. Right now they are in the process of building a huge garage. They will also be building a house on a foundation in the future. 

Hannah also has her own YouTube channel High Carb Hannah, which is about her weight loss, her vegan journey and her vegan recipes. I still check both of their channels every day. Because his website is no longer focused on the actual building process, I have spent the last few months checking for more tiny house vlogs, which I have learned are not that easy to find. I am always on the lookout for more tiny house blogs and YouTube vlogs about building and living in tiny houses. Besides these two channels, which I still check every day, here are a few of my other favorite YouTube channels. Some of them are mostly focused on tiny houses, but many of them have a variety of tiny, simple living options from tiny houses to vans to skoolies.


Tiny House Giant Journey 

Jenna Spesard, also known as the “Tiny House Girl” is one of my most favorite tiny house vloggers. I’ve actually followed her since I first became interested in tiny houses. She has tours of tiny houses and travel videos from her world travels. Her channel is chocked full of informative articles about how much it costs to build a tiny house, monthly costs of living tiny, different product reviews and lots of other good stuff. She is delightful and authentic and I absolutely love her! I met Jenna at the Tiny House Jamboree in Austin this past August. She is exactly the same in person as she is on her channel and it was awesome to get to meet her and chat with her.


Tiny House Expedition

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons are documentary filmmakers who travel in their tiny house. They have made an incredibly informative documentary series called Living Tiny Legally, Parts 1 and 2. l have earned so much through all their videos. The documentaries are all about the process a variety of communities have gone through to legalize tiny homes. They are currently working on Part 3 and it is coming out sometime next year. They also have a website, Tiny House Expedition which is also a wonderful resource with a lot of great information.


Fy Nyth

Ariel has a blog and a YouTube channel all about her tiny house called Fy Nyth, which is Welsh for “my nest”. She lives in the mountain country in Wyoming and takes beautiful photographs and videos of animals in their natural environment. Her wildlife photos are amazing. She posts videos about all aspects of life in her tiny house, from cleaning out her stove pipe to gardening to cooking. I’ve been following her for a while. I enjoy her posts very much. 


Living Big In A Tiny House

Bryce Langston interviews tiny house owners and tours tiny houses the world over. His stories about alternative dwellings and eco-friendly living are inspiring. Having had his own tiny house for about a year now, he uses it as a home base and also has plans to tour the United States while working on his web series. He posts about one video a week.


Tiny Nest Project

I found out about Jake and Kiva’s Tiny Nest watching the previously-mentioned Youtube channel Life Inside A Box. It is another channel on Youtube documenting a tiny house build. There are a lot of great video tutorials on this channel. They also have an affordable six-hour Sketchup tutorial. Sketchup is an application that many tiny house do-it-yourselfers use to design every part of their tiny house from framing to completion.


Relax Shacks DOT Com

“RelaxshacksDOTcom” is hosted by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, former host of HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” and “Extreme Small Spaces”, and author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”, and “Microshelters”. As host, he highlights tiny houses, tree houses, DIY, campers and other structures. He also hosts hands-on workshops around the country.


Kirsten Dirksen

Kirsten’s channel has videos about simple living, self-sufficiency, small (and tiny) homes, backyard gardens (and livestock), alternative transport, DIY, craftsmanship and philosophies of life. She posts about once a week. I have only recently discovered her channel but it has a ton of content.


Tiny House Listings

This YouTube channel really is a showcase for videos of tiny houses. Some are for sale and some are not, but it’s a great place to find inspiration for tiny house design. This is one of those channels where some videos are just photos set to music. But it also has hosted tours for some of them too. 


Exploring Alternatives

Mat & Danielle create videos about a variety of alternative lifestyles including living in tiny houses, vans, RVs and boats and also focus on minimalism, zero waste, off-grid living and renewable energy. I have only recently discovered this channel but it’s definitely now a part of my rotation.


Gone with the Wynns

I’m throwing this YouTube Channel in for fun. They don’t live in a tiny house now, but they used to live in an RV and now they live on a Catamaran. They are adventure travelers and they have some pretty cool videos. Maybe it’s because I spent a semester at the University of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas. It could be because I love movies like Captain Ron and Fool’s Gold, but at any rate, I love the idea of sailing around the islands. Plus there are many similarities between living on a boat and a tiny house. 

I love my lunchtime ritual of watching tiny house videos. My plans won’t be changing anytime soon. These channels have helped me discover so many creative solutions and ideas. I hope you check them out and become inspired as well.



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