10 Bathroom Storage Solutions for Makeup and Hair Styling in Tiny Houses


One of my goals for my tiny house is to plan well enough that I have all my storage solutions designed to maximize organization. For my bathroom storage, I want to carve out designated space for four main categories: makeup, skincare, haircare and jewelry. This article will focus on makeup, jewelry and hair styling storage. Because I also have to have space for laundry supplies, I have designed a pull-out “cabinet” which will hold my skincare, haircare and laundry necessities as well as some clothing. (I will be sharing that design in a future post.)

Because I am really not going to have any counter space, I need to have everything inside cabinets, shelves or mounted on the wall. And without the benefit of extensive wall space, I have to choose carefully.

I have found some options that I believe will help me reach my organization goals. I’d like to share them with you here and get your thoughts on them. I have not yet purchased any of these and therefore cannot speak from personal experience as to how well they work. But I would like to share what I have discovered in my search for jewelry, makeup, hair dryers and curling iron options for bathroom storage.

Jewelry Organization

There’s a lot of DIY ideas online for simple jewelry organization. I found some with lengths of chain for hanging dangle-type earrings and lengths of wood with little cupholder hooks attached for hanging necklaces. They are inexpensive and are a great option. For me though, I want my jewelry to be enclosed and not on display so I have found other bathroom storage options.

Jewelry Organizer Mirror Frame
Beach LA Jewelry Organizer



This  Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer Mirror Frame is by Etsy shop Beach LA is $120 right now and is 40% off. It is a 16” X 20” mirror and inside there are three storage panels. The front panel has 15 hooks for necklaces. The second panel can hold up to about 100 pairs of earrings. The third panel holds a variety of accessories including rings, bracelets, pins, sunglasses, etc. This unit would be just about the perfect size for the amount of jewelry I need to store.

AOOU Jewelry Cabinet

AOOU Jewelry Cabinet

I don’t have enough jewelry to justify a jewelry cabinet this size. But if I did I would definitely consider this one from AOOU, available on Amazon.  This cabinet is 47″ high x 14″ wide x 4″ deep. It can be mounted to the wall or hung over a door, and costs about $115 and has a rating of 4.4 stars. So it’s relatively affordable and with all the shelves you could use it additionally to store other items such as makeup, skincare and perfume.  It is too large for the space that I have available but would be a great option for anyone with the wall space.


Makeup/Nail Polish Organization

Wall Mounted/Countertop Makeup Organizer 
Beach LA
Beach LA










This Beach LA Wall-Mounted/Countertop Makeup Organizer Vanity is one of my most favorite discoveries. It’s $132 right now at 40% off. It comes in several different finishes. It is 26” X 6.5” X 15.25”. What I love about it is that it folds up and looks stylish when not in use, but when opened up it is easy to access all your makeup. It is really a time saver in the morning to have everything easily accessible instead of having to search through drawers to find everything.


Nail Polish Rack by Fuji
Fuji Nail Polish Rack
Fuji Nail Polish Rack













This Nail Polish Wall Rack by Fuji holds up to 96 bottles of nail polish at a price of about $45. However, you can use it to hold  makeup too, as shown here. The nice thing about having clear, open storage is that you can see all your makeup at one time. You don’t have to dig inside a drawer to find something. One negative for me is that all your makeup is always on display, which is not ideal in my opinion. 



Bekvam Spice Shelf
Bekvam Shelf

This Bekvam spice shelf from Ikea is so versatile. In addition to using it for spices, it works great for nail polish too. In fact, this article from Apartment Therapy showcases nine great ways to use this amazing, affordable little shelf from Ikea. The shelf is only $5 and comes unfinished so you can paint it any color or design you like. I feel like this option is a bit more stylish than the previous clear acrylic nail polish shelf and would be an attractive option for bathroom storage. While it works wonderfully for nail polish, it would also work for some kinds of makeup.


Ikea Alex Drawer Unit
Alex Drawers


















Another really cool option for storing makeup is the Ikea Alex Drawer Units. This drawer unit is just over 14″ wide, 22 7/8″ deep and 27 1/2″ tall. It is $89 but there is also a taller version for $159. In addition, the Cosmetic Archive Etsy shop offers drawer inserts which take makeup organization to the next level. The whole system is great but it’s not cheap. If I had a way I would add this to my bathroom storage design but I have not yet found a way to incorporate these.



Blow Dryer and Curling Iron Storage 

Metal Hair Styling Tool Organizer

There are a wide variety of options for storing hair dryers and curling irons. I really have a problem putting away my blowdryer and various flat and curling irons. This over-the-door hanger can store a blowdryer, a flat iron and curling iron, and would fit nicely inside a bathroom cabinet door. It is available on Amazon for $12.99. I like this because it is hidden storage inside the bathroom cabinet and is very affordable. Walmart also has some of these metal storage options as well and some are even less expensive.

Wells Station Appliance Holder With Outlet
Wells Appliance Station

What’s nice about the “Wells” Station Appliance Dryer Holder is that it has the outlets so you can easily have your styling items connected to power. Coupled with the fact that it has 5 stars on Amazon and is priced at $32.99, this bathroom organizer is a pretty great deal.

POJJO Vanity Valet Secret Plus

This storage option from Pojjo uses the area just under the sink which is typically unused space. This one is about $160 and designed to have your appliances connected to power. This is another great option for hidden storage in an area that is typically under-utilized, which is a double bonus as far as I’m concerned.


Pull Out Hair Appliance Storage System by POJJO












Another option from Pojjo is this Pullout Hair Appliance Storage System which is available at Home Depot and priced at $371. It is 9″ wide, 24″ high and 20″ deep. Pojjo makes a variety of hair styling product storage options and wire management options that you can see on their website. This option is on the more expensive end but appears to be very well made.

In conclusion, I have discovered many bathroom storage options in my research but these are the ones that I would consider using in my own tiny house. I hope that these options might help you in your search for storage options. If you are looking for additional creative storage solutions for your tiny house, you might be interested in 16 Great Ideas for Shoe Storage in Tiny Spaces.




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