25 Favorite Tiny House Blogs/Websites To Follow in 2019


I am heartened that I have found so many amazing tiny house blogs and websites chocked full of information and resources for tiny housers. This is the second article in a series of my favorite tiny house cross-media sites. My previous article lists my Top Ten Tiny House YouTube Channels.

In this article, I’ve listed twenty-five of my current favorite tiny house blogs/websites. I only included websites that are current. Over the years I have found other tiny house blogs/websites with good information but the ones that appear to have been abandoned I have omitted for this article.

Because I want to DIY my tiny house, I am especially interested in resources for DIYers. There are so many decisions to be made when designing and building your own tiny house. It helps to have recommendations from those who have experienced the process. To that end, these are the blogs/websites I recommend following in 2019.

Tiny House Luminaries
Mini Motives

A tiny house pioneer, Macy Miller built her house for less than $12,000 in 2012. She is a true tiny house advocate and her website is full of informative articles and tons of resources. She has free downloads, affordable e-courses and updates on her tiny house lifestyle. I love following her family’s journey on her blog. She is full of creativity and interesting perspectives and her articles are inspiring.

Tiny House Giant Journey

As I have mentioned in Top Ten Tiny House YouTube Channels, one of my absolute favorite tiny housers is Jenna Spesard. She is authentic, honest and informative and writes about all aspects of tiny house living, including product reviews, recommendations, and what she loves and hates about living in a tiny house. A part of her website is dedicated to her love of travel and features travel tips and tricks and articles about her world travels. 

Tiny House Expedition

Alex and Christian describe themselves as filmmakers, tiny dwellers and community educators. But they are so much more. They are ambassadors for the tiny house movement and they are a wonderful example of how living simply and in harmony with our surrounding can bring abundance into our personal lives and our communities. They are storytellers and we all benefit from the work they put into sharing those stories with us.

My Tiny Empty Nest and My Tiny House Village

Michelle “MJ” Boyle has a pretty inspiring story. She built a tiny house in anticipation of her empty nest and has grown to the point that she is now building her own tiny house village with tiny houses for nightly rental. She is also one of the co-hosts of Tiny House Podcast. additionally, she has also been a speaker at many tiny house festivals.

Tiny House Blog

Kent Griswold’s Tiny House Blog is another website with a lot of great posts. The Links page alone is a wealth of information. He also publishes the Tiny House Magazine. This website is definitely worth your time.

Relax Shacks

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is very well-known in the tiny house community. He is an author, former HGTV host and workshop teacher, among other things. His tiny house blog has articles about all things tiny and he has an infectious spirit that permeates everything he does.

Tiny House Eye Candy
Tiny House Swoon

What’s so great about Tiny House Swoon is the quality and quantity of the photos. Each post has a lot of great photos and so it is a great site to get ideas from a wide variety of tiny houses. If I see a photo of a tiny house and I’m interested in knowing more and seeing it in more detail, the first place I go is Tiny House Swoon. 

Tiny House Collectiv

With similarities to Tiny House Swoon, this website lists tiny houses along with photos and sometimes includes a video. They list the details (such as builder, cost, background, etc.) at the top of the article and Tiny House Swoon lists it at the end.

Tiny Living

Another website similar to Tiny House Swoon and Tiny House Collective, Tiny Living offers photos and a brief description of various tiny houses. There’s also a page listing more than 150 tiny builders by state.

Smaller Living

Showcasing small homes, including tiny houses on wheels, Smaller Living also highlights articles on saving space and interviews with people embracing the tiny life. There’s also a News section with the latest news and in the tiny house community.

Tiny House Resources
The Tiny Life

From tiny houser Ryan Mitchell, The Tiny Life has articles and resources for all things tiny. He writes about minimalism, homesteading and living off-grid, among other things.

Tiny House Talk

With an interest in simple living and frugality, Dan Pino has been writing about the tiny life for ten years. His website shares “tiny homes and tiny living stories that are interesting, inspiring, and sometimes even thought-provoking” and offers insights into affordable and alternative housing ideas and options.

PAD Tiny Houses

PAD has a lot of resources for DIY tiny housers. They offer construction plans, ebooks and workshops. Dee Williams is one of the founders and a pioneer in the tiny house movement. She is the author of The Big Tiny, which is a great book.

Tiny Houses And Beyond

Leanne Stephens is a blogger, cookbook author, webmaster, web designer and tiny house festival speaker. She writes articles featuring other tiny houses and has a tiny house event calendar with upcoming festivals and home shows. She is also available for web design consultation. 

Tiny House Subreddit

I’m throwing in this extra as it’s not really a tiny house blog or website per se, but it is a tiny house discussion group on Reddit. It’s described as a place for people interested in small or tiny houses. Ryan from The Tiny Life website is one of the moderators. There are links to interesting articles about tiny houses and tiny house living. A lot of members post questions asking for recommendations and advice on a variety of tiny house topics. It is a good resource and definitely worth joining.

Tiny House Life/Homesteading
Digging Up The Roots

Theresa shares her story as she, her husband Trent and their four kiddos make the journey toward setting up a homestead and living the off-grid tiny life. They are in the process of completing their tiny house build. In her tiny house blog, she shares recipes and stories of homesteading and simple living.

Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels

Living on Australian farmland, Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels seeks to demystify tiny house living for others looking to live the tiny house lifestyle. She has tiny house blog articles about the lessons she has learned living in a tiny house for a year and also about the ever-popular toilet decisions, among other things. This is a recently started blog and doesn’t have a lot of posts, but it does have regular posts from the past few months.


Robert and Samantha and baby Aubrin live in their tiny house in the Pacific Northwest in Yakima, WA. They built their tiny house themselves and have construction videos of the process. They share how they live the tiny lifestyle with a baby on their website.


While this website isn’t specifically about living in a “tiny house”, it does have a lot of information about minimalism, organizing, downsizing, zero waste and intentionally living, among other things. Evelyn writes about her family of six living in a small house and has many recommendations for living small.

Tiffany The Tiny Home

Tim and Sam’s website have lots of product reviews and interesting articles about living in Tiffany, their tiny house. She shares recommendations on products and insightful articles about what she is learning in her tiny house journey.

Designs/Tiny House Plans
Tiny House Build

Andrew and Gabriella have a great website with awesome articles on all things tiny. I had the opportunity to attend one of their workshops in Los Angeles a couple years ago and it was very informative. They now have a digital workshop with all that same content available on their website. I was gifted a copy of their book “Tiny House Designing, Building and Living” and I am very excited to read it.

Tiny House Design

Michael Janzen’s website offers free tiny house plans, plans for sale and interesting articles about design. If you’re interested in tiny house design, it’s definitely worth spending some time here.

Humble Homes

Humble Homes has feature articles about tiny living all over the world and also offers a variety of tiny house plans for $249 each.

Tiny House Citizens

Tiny House Citizens is a blog about the tiny house lifestyle. There is a Resource page with links to events, builders, plans, communities and financing, to name a few. They also have articles showcasing specific tiny houses. Their mission is to unite tiny house enthusiasts worldwide in their quest for simpler and more meaningful lives.

Tiny House Society

The Tiny House Society states that it is dedicated to informing more people about the tiny living movement. They promote a minimalist way of living and have articles on everything from the best tiny house kits on the market to creating your own tiny house plans to recommendations on appliances.



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