16 Great Ideas For Shoe Storage in Tiny Spaces


Shoe storage is one of the dilemmas I have encountered as I have moved through the design process with my tiny house. I have a definite tendency toward hoarding. My desire to go tiny is one of the ways I am trying to combat that. However, I do not want to get rid of the shoes I really love and I want to store them in a creative, stylish way.

In my research, I have discovered no shortage of ideas, and I have sixteen of my favorites to share with you. Of course, these options are versatile and could also be used for just about anything. You’re not just limited to using them just for shoe storage and versatility is a plus for tiny houses. We will start with the more traditional kinds of storage and then move into the more creative DIY options.

Traditional Storage Cabinets

Braxton Studio Expresso Cabinet

Braxton Studio Shoe Storage for Tiny House
Photo Credit: Home Depot

One of my favorite features of this cabinet is the drawer, which is nice for an entry area catchall to hold keys, change, wallets, etc. This unit is approximately $126 and 45″ high, 30″ wide and 15″ deep. It has a 4+ review on Home Depot. Customers estimate it holds between 12-20 pairs of adult shoes. I like that it has doors and hides what’s inside, but still has ventilation for the shoes. This brand has several different configurations of this cabinet if another size would better fit your space. I do love the style of this unit but I’m not sure if I will have the space available for this size.


Carson Carrington Eskilstuna Cabinet

Photo Credit: Wayfair

This mid-century modern two-toned cabinet has that cool Scandinavian style I love and it definitely adds some flair to your design. It is 38″ high, 39″ wide and 16″deep and is $193 at Wayfair. It has a nice shelf on the top for decor items or holding keys, sunglasses, etc., and it is a smaller unit so it won’t take up as much room. Of course, it won’t hold as many shoes either. However, if you just need to keep your most-used shoes near the entry, this might be a good option. For me, this would be a viable option because I most-likey will keep the majority of my shoes in my bedroom loft.


Hamilton Polar White 24-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Photo Credit: Home Depot

This $400 storage cabinet from Home Depot is 50″ high, 40″wide and 14″ deep. It holds 24 pairs of shoes and has two drawers. It’s pretty big for a tiny house, but might be able to work in the right design. If you need storage for 24 shoes it might be the just the thing. It sounds like a lot of shoes but if you have downsized to less than that you could use the other compartments for purses, winter accessories such as hats and scarves, or other items.


Ikea Cabinets

There are so many options for shoe storage cabinets on Ikea, just type in shoe cabinet in Ikea search and you’ll see there are a lot of options.  These are just a few of the Ikea Shoe cabinets.

Ställ White Cabinet

Photo Credit: Ikea

This Ikea cabinet has three compartments, each with a divider, which holds 18 pairs of shoes. It is $139 and has 3.7 stars on the Ikea website. It is approximately 58″ high, 31″ wide and  11″ deep. You will need to fasten this cabinet to the wall as it only has front legs.

Tiny House Shoe Storage
Photo Credit: Ikea

It also comes in a four-compartment design for $99 at about 35″ high, 35.5″ wide and 6.5″ deep, which is a very low profile design. The smaller version holds about 8 pairs of shoes.


Trones Two-Pack

Photo Credit: Ikea


This Ikea $25 two-pack is an inexpensive option for shoe storage. You can combine as many as you like and the top has a little tray area to unload keys, sunglasses, wallets, etc. At approximately 15.5″ high, 20.5″ wide and 7″ deep it is very shallow and doesn’t take up a lot of room. If you’re on a very tight budget and don’t have a lot of space, this could be a great option.


Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Photo Credit: Ikea

This Ikea cabinet holds a minimum of 12 pairs of shoes and costs $129. It is almost 50″ high, 35″ wide and almost 12″ deep and has a nice drawer where you can drop off keys, sunglasses, etc. Like the Ställ cabinet, this design only has feet on the front so it has to be fastened to the wall. There are other sizes in this line.


Ikea Hacks

Beyond the regular Ikea Shoe Storage cabinets, a google search for “Ikea shoe storage hacks” will get you even more ideas for some partial DIY projects. Here’s a couple of hacks for shoe storage.

Double-Sided Hemnes Hack

Photo credit: Ikea Hackers

Here is another option for the smaller Hemnes Shoe Cabinet from Ikea Hackers website. Instead of having to secure the cabinet to the wall you can connect them back to back and create this double-sided shoe cabinet. That would get you storage for 16 pairs of shoes with this hack. This would be a great pony wall idea for an entry area next to the door.  I love it.

Rationell Variera Pot Lid Organizer

Photo Credit: Ikea Hackers

What’s so great about this hack from Ikea Hackers website, besides the affordability, is you can always use it for what it is actually designed – a pot lid organizer. It’s affordable, gets the shoes up off the floor and you can use as many of them as you need. As a bonus, there are links to several other Ikea shoe storage hacks at the end of this article. This is a great website for ideas for all kinds of Ikea storage hacks.


Open Shoe Storage

Container Store 12-Pair Shoe Organizer

Photo Credit: The Container Store

Each of these storage units is approximately 19.5″ high, 24″ wide and 12″ deep. They are stackable and can be configured multiple different ways. They are on sale right now for $29 and have a four-star review on the Container Store website. These would be a good option even for a loft bedroom. This photo is of four units put together to form a square but there are many other ways to combine multiple units to fit your space.




SONGMICS 3-Tier Stackable Bamboo Shoe Rack

Photo Credit: SONGMICS via Amazon

These 100% bamboo tiers each hold 3-4 pairs of shoes and you can purchase multiple sets and can stack as high as five. Because they are functional and stylish they can be used on display or in a closet. The set is approximately 23″ high, 28″ wide, and 12″ deep. They are $36 and have five stars on Amazon. The great thing about these is that they are so versatile and can be used in other areas of your tiny house, such as the bathroom for towels and toiletries, and you can use one or more at a time.



Droog Strap

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy


Droog makes a silicone strap to use for shoes and many other items. They are $22 and 28″ long and 1.5″ wide. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically and come in several colors. You can find these online at Twig. The one issue I could see with these straps is that you would need to make sure the bottoms of the shoes were clean before placing them against the wall or you might have dirt marks on the wall.


DIY Storage Ideas

Toe-Kick Drawers

Photo Credit: Family Handyman

The space under the kitchen cabinet where they have the toe-kick is normally completely wasted space. Family Handyman has an article about how to DIY these drawers, which I think would be a great option for shoe storage. It’s really a great idea for all kinds of storage but shoe storage would be a good one. I am definitely going to use this creative idea in my tiny house build.




Tension Rods

Photo Credit: A Loyal Love

This DIY article on A Loyal Love website shows how to use tension rods to organize shoes. It is a clever and inexpensive option that would work well in the bottom of a closet or in a little nook. I just don’t have this many heels and this looks like it works best with heels so it won’t work for me but for anyone with a lot of heels, I think this would be a great option.

Skateboard Decks

Photo Credit: Home Talk


If you are a skateboarder or just like the looks of these clever shelves, you can use skateboard decks to create storage shelves. So many of my co-workers have huge tennis shoe collections that are incredibly expensive.

I think these would be a really stylish way to display tennis shoes. Home Talk has a video and a step-by-step how-to article walking you through this project.

$8 Shoe Peg Organizer

Photo Credit: Sawdust Girl

For a very inexpensive option, this DIY Shoe Peg Organizer from Sawdust Girl is great. It does involve using a drill but is still doable. You would have several options to choose from when deciding where to add these peg organizers because they are so versatile for so many different items.

Copper Pipe Storage Shelves

Photo Credit: Fresh Crush

If you have a copper theme going on in your tiny house, you may want to consider this floating copper shoe rack from Fresh Crush. There is a full tutorial on the site showing you all you need to make one of your very own.




My conclusion is you will only be limited by your imagination (and your ability to Google search) when it comes to solving the shoe storage problem. Although I have not completely decided how many of these solutions I will use, I’m no longer worried about it. One or more of these options will work wonderfully for me. I would love to hear your ideas for shoe storage or what solutions have worked for you.





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